European Solidarity Centre (ESC) is a unique museum, which opened in 2014. On the space of over 3 000 m2, almost 1 800 souvenirs and items have been gather for display. All those picture a fight of Poland and other Middle-European countries against an oppressive, communist regime. It is also a dialogue centre, and a meeting place for all those who care about values such as democracy and freedom.

ESC contains a library, reading place, archive, workshops rooms and a historic research centre. It is also truly modern conference centre.

How to get to European Solidarity Centre from the main railway station? 
The best way of getting from Gdansk main railway station to European Solidarity Centre is simply to take a walk. You need to cross the main street through a tunnel and turn left. Then just keep walking and after about 50 m you will see ESC in front of you. The stroll takes 5-6 minutes.
How to get to European Solidarity Centre with a car? 
If you travel by A1 or S7 Motorway, drive to “Gdansk Lipce” junction (on S7). Take a turn towards city center – it’s clearly marked and then follow the main road to the city Centre. Once you pass a railway station turn right into Jana z Kolna street. ESC will be just 200 meters in front of you and clearly visible.